Body Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage TherapyMassage is an ancient form of treatment and can be traced back to India, China, Japan and Greece.  Swedish massage is relaxing, stimulating and energising and our body massage therapy is based on this method.

Massage comes naturally to us if you think about it.  If you banged your arm, for example, you would naturally rub the area better, which results in the nerve endings being soothed and the area immediately feeling more comfortable.    Massage works in that way as human touch is naturally healing and also comforts, both psychologically and physically.

Massage is performed by using varied hand movements, stroking (known as effleurage), kneading (known as petrissage), and chopping, cupping and pounding movements (known as tapotement), with different degrees of pressure.

The massage I offer, body massage therapy,  is excellent for increasing flexibility, as we stretch the tendons and ligaments.  It involves manipulation of muscle groups along with joint movements.    It helps to remove waste from the tissues such as lactic or uric acid.  Our sedentary lifestyles today cause a lot of tension, which can be greatly reduced with regular massage, thus aiding the natural healing process of the body.

Most people of course, find it extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

Body Massage Diploma

At Angelic Hands, I offer a full body massage, which takes about an hour.  It is not at all embarrassing and your modesty is of paramount importance.  Before we start your treatment, I always explain exactly what I am going to do and the order in which I am going to do it, so the client knows what to expect.

Please feel free to ask any questions about this wonderful treatment.