Angelic Reiki


Some years ago, when going through a stressful period in my life, I had a Reiki session from a therapist friend and found it quite an amazing experience.  How could simply lying on a couch, and her laying her hands on me for 20 minutes or so, have such a profound effect?  I felt a huge sense of release afterwards, very emotional and much better.

A few years later, I was attuned myself to the traditional Reiki and practised this for a while but then I heard about Angelic Reiki.  As I had always had an affinity and belief in angels, this resonated with me more so in 2015 I was attuned in the 1st and 2nd degree and more recently became an Angelic Reiki Master.

Angelic Reiki certificate

As an Angelic Reiki healer, I am simply a channel, a bridge if you will, to connect you, my client with the Angelic Realm and we let them do the healing.  The healing will be perfect for the client’s needs be it emotional, physical or psychological.    It is powerful healing and takes as long as it takes – probably between ten to twenty-five minutes or so but the effect will last for several weeks.

You may believe in angels, you may not but the Angelic Reiki will work anyway!

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